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EMT (Elektro-Mess-Technik) was founded in Berlin in 1940, originally manufacturing professional measuring devices and turntables for Broadcast, TV and Recording Studios and since 2006 consumer high-end audio equipment. For over 75 years they have pioneered many new technologies and in 2016 were awarded the Technical Grammy Award presented by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in USA.

EMT cartridges are fantastically neutral, yet tonally rich and have a wonderfully musical sound signature. Noteworthy is that the output level is 1.0mV so that you can partner them with almost any Moving Coil compatible phono preamp. Cartridges with lower outputs of 0.2-0.3mV that are commonly found, require a phono preamp with exceptionally low noise and high gain in order to perform at their best, or the addition of a step up transformer to increase the gain. So if your phono preamp is struggling with these cartridges, then switching to an EMT cartridge would be a better solution than adding a step up transformer.