BASIS active subwoofers serve as the perfect complement for the lower octave of MEG active studio monitors and as central bass unit in stereo reproduction. Optionally, the BASIS model can also be integrated into surround loudspeaker systems with the MEG multi-channel bass processor BCU7.1. The subwoofer can be operated with suitable AV receivers to also allow optimal integration with our passive high-end loudspeakers. 

For the active bass loudspeaker, MEG have developed a special long-stroke bass system that ensures low-distortion reproduction. The BASIS 11K, 13K and 14K have a cardioid radiation characteristic for minimisation of rearward room reflections. This so-called K Technology, which has already been used successfully for many years in their 3-way and 4-way active loudspeakers, features rearward-directed attenuation greater than 10 dB. Thus, excellent results can be achieved for room-dependent frequency response even in rooms with difficult acoustic conditions. This construction principle significantly simplifies the positioning of the bass loudspeaker in the listening room. 

The power amplifier is operated with a 1000-W PWM power module. An electronic limiter protects the system and keeps the bass driver from overloading. An LED on the reverse side signalises activation of the protective device and operating status of the bass loudspeaker. The distance between front loudspeaker and bass loudspeaker may be between 0 and 1 m. In this range phase correction is possible. With an activatable high-pass filter, the threshold frequency can be raised to 40 Hz. The cut-off frequency can be adjusted continually between 60 and 80 Hz. The transmission range of the LFE channel ends at 120 Hz. The entire control and power electronics including all connecting and operating elements are integrated into the reverse side of the cabinet. 

The BASIS subwoofers are optionally available with a grid cover. An output on the subwoofer allows the operation of the BASIS 11KP, 13KP and 14KP passive bass loudspeaker. This expansion provides a power doubling and makes the choice of the location less critical. Also, the system can be switched into bypass mode with the aid of a cable remote control. All output channels are directly connected to the input channels - the bass channel is deactivated, the LFE channel remains activated.

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