ME Geithain High End Active Studio Monitors and High End Active and Passive Hifi Speakers

ME Geithain Overview

Musikelectronic Geithain, MEG, has a heritage of providing monitor loudspeakers for professionals who demand only the best in accurate sound quality and totally reliable performance. The professional ‘s living depends on such performance and in order to guarantee this MEG manufactures everything in house. MEG has developed unique solutions to address the inevitable room interaction problems that come with sound reproduction. 

  • K Technology Cardioid radiation characteristic is a unique feature of MEG “K Series” loudspeakers that directs the sound forwards from the speaker and minimizes sound wrapping around to the rear and sides. This reduces activation of room resonances that blur and muddle the sound. MEG speakers are less sensitive to room placement than conventional speakers and have very high intelligibility. Bass impact is optimized at the listening position and not wasted in the room.
  • MCDS Coax (Minimum Colouration Directivity Steering Coax) technology controls the directivity of the loudspeaker and optimizes them for specific listening distances. Drivers are coaxially positioned creating natural sound images.
  • Decoupled Baffles are used to mount midrange drivers and/or tweeters to isolate them from the main cabinet. The position and construction of the baffle is carefully calculated to act as a mechanical filter that reduces the slope of electrical filters required in the crossovers. This enhances clarity. Less electrical manipulation = more organic sound.
  • Low distortion and low colouration is the trademark of MEG loudspeakers resulting from the above technologies in combination. The use of horns or wave-guides in front of the drivers is not used because these produce undesirable reflections near the driver and induce distortion.
  • Amplifier and crossover modules used in MEG active speakers are optimized for the specific drivers and the enclosures they are used in. 
  • Sonic Signature - MEG loudspeakers have consistent sound throughout the model range so that they can be mixed and matched in multi channel systems without loss of coherence.

Further information available at the manufacturer website or alternately give us a call or email to discuss your needs or organise an audition.