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Odeon Audio from Germany manufactures a range of superb hand crafted, room friendly hornspeakers that are welcomed by audiophiles looking for an efficient loudspeaker to partner with valve and solid state amplifiers. They are modular in design and many finishes are available to co-ordinate with the home. Now in their 3rd Generation with improvements to the cabinets, drivers and crossovers these hornspeakers have amazing sound. Typical strengths of these speakers are the ability to reproduce the scale and dynamics of a full orchestra with ease and a dynamic freedom that few conventional box speakers can match.


No. 28/2

No. 32/2

No. 38/2


Each loudspeaker is made to order and takes about 6 weeks to complete. Odeon are a very reliable supplier and the finished product is not only a music maker, but a work of art as well.