No. 38/2

The No. 38/2 is way more than a normal loudspeaker. According to the audio press it is "a sculpture“, "a masterpiece“ and "a life long companion“. The No. 38/2 pushes Odeon’s proven Design to the limit and above. Its performance is based on its ultra fast and light 15 inch woofer.

To keep its music reproduction as fast and balanced as possible, special horn forms for the used high precision drivers have been developed for the No. 38/2. To improve its qualities, its 5 inch low mass Audax midrange and its 1 inch Mylar compression drivers are modified and to provide the perfect conditions they are mounted into a multi chamber housing. Depending on its finish, it takes up to 350 hours of handwork to assemble your personal No. 38/2. Like all Odeon products, the No. 38/2 is manufactured by hand in Germany by the best craftspeople and comes with a five year warranty.

Further information available at the manufacturer website or alternately give us a call or email to discuss your needs or organise an audition.