Bits and Bobs

Just like shining and caring for a nice pair of leather shoes, your playback system and records all require a little TLC along the way to improve or keep them happily spinning for many years to come. We stock a range of analogue accessories for the care and maintenance of your analog system and records..

  • Record Cleaning Machines - We sell excellent quality traditional automated or manual brush and vacuum type cleaners from Nessie through to top of the line Ultrasonic cleaners from KL Audio or Kuzma.
  • Setup Protractor - The Dr. Feickert Protractor NG is well known around the globe as a quality instrument for easily setting up cartridges on a wide range of tonearms and turntables.
  • AnalogMagik - All-In-One Cartridge alignment package. Innovative new calibration software to measure and adjust Speed, Wow & Flutter, Azimuth, VTA, VTF, Anti-skating, Loading, Gain, Vibrations & Resonance Frequencies.
  • Test Record - the Analogue test record from Dr. Feickert is a gold standard of test records.
  • Record Flattening Machine - The AFI Flat is a new product, finally relieving you and your cartridge suspension from the stresses of warped records old or new, even flat vinyls can benefit from the vinyl relax cycle.
  • Record Brush - a quality record brush is a must. With millions of microfibre bristles on your side our record brush  is as good as they get

  • Stylus Cleaner - The Zero Dust is a perfect tool to keep your diamond shining and singing all day long.

  • Stylus Performance Treatment - from the masters at LYRA, the SPT is another lovely addition to your care routine, used once per listening session it helps to keep your diamond scrupulously clean.

  • Digital Stylus Scales - Every cartridge suspension is designed with an optimal tracking weight, our stylus gauges provide readings down to .001 of a gram.