A cable's, a cable's, a cable... Or is it? Audiophiles often speak of "system synergy"- the art of building a system which compliments each component both technically and sonically. Cables are an often overlooked but critical link in bringing together the sound you have worked so hard to achieve. Like it or not, every component in the signal path(and around it) has a sound. We can advise on the perfect cables to suit your system and listeing room. We stock a full range of Argento and Organic cabling. Core materials, layering structures, shielding, connectors and braiding all vary between models. Colour is also a choice now too. 


Argento Audio - Relentlessly striving for perfection, all Argento products are based on custom, original solutions, uncanny attention to details and glorious build quality thanks to careful handcrafting in their facility in Denmark.

Organic Audio - Organic is the sister company to Argento, whose purpose is to bring an original, state of the art line of more cost effective, but still high performance, cables to the astute audiophile. Drawing on the unsurpassed knowledge and experience of Argento Audio these cables lack nothing in terms of commitment to quality and performance. The materials used are still of the highest quality in their class.