Digital at Sonic Purity

So you have grown up, or grown to love the smooth musical ease and liveliness of analogue sound, or perhaps you have never been down that rabbit hole, but want to extract every bit of feeling, emotion and detail from those convenient little 1's and 0's inside your computer/device or in the air.  In a digital world we are well accustomed to the benefits of digital music delivery and it's potential as a more perfect, transportable and theoretically robust medium. Experience tells us, unfortunately it's not just as simple as one might think(when is it ever that simple when computers are involved?). We have devoted endless hours working with digital formats and acquiring knowledge, and products to stand behind as perfect solutions for delivering the music we love, and for our discerning customers.  We pride ourselves on being well versed in all the latest trends in digital music. Our products are not your flash in the pan, latest new marketing spin or trend. The designers and engineers behind our digital products have the best resume's in town and work tirelessly to always be well ahead of the curve. We can advise not only, on the fine componentry we sell, but on latest developments in high definition digital streaming services, dedicated music servers, wireless streaming, digital endpoints, digital room correction and other cutting edge technologies and componentry to help you seamlessly achieve your  digital dreams.


Antipodes Audio Music Servers - In designing their music server, Antipodes dug extremely deep into what makes digital audio tick and implemented optimisations to digital components and software to make digital music not only a breeze and enjoyable experience, but to realise all the potential of a format that promised so much, but has always struggled to compete where it matters, sound quality. Antipodes music servers are your one box managed music library with performance beyond the best digital transports available, with an interface to make you forget about those shiny silver coasters forever.

Mola Mola - It is no secret here we are huge fans of Bruno Putzeys designs. The Mola Mola products are as crystalline clean and distortion free as you will find. The forward thinking discreet design DAC implemented in the Makua preamplifier, is amongst the most dynamic and resolving we have heard. 



EMM Labs/Meitner Design - Ed Meitner has been designing advanced high-end equipment for a long time. Forward thinking designers explore all possibilities, and whilst the rabble catch up to the ideas behind DSD up sampling, EMM/Meitner have been refining their DA/AD conversion processes and complimentary analogue stages for years, these are truly reference grade digital sources.

Playback Designs - Originally part of the SACD digital development at Sony, Andreas Koch of Playback designs has forged a name for himself as a leader in digital conversion and technology. Again far ahead of the learning curve and current trends, Playback Designs have refined their approach with the new Sonoma range just released, they continue to develop state of the art products including ultra hight resolution Analogue to Digital converters for recording, transfer and digital archiving.

T+A - Our newest digital manufacturer comes with quite the buzz, their highly developed chip-less decoding DSD DAC implementations have become highly revered by users, reviewers and ourselves.