ME Geithain RL 801K


ME Geithain RL 801K

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RL 801K

The RL 801K is an all-round main control studio monitor for large audio, video and film studios. Its 3-way concept consists of a 15-inch woofer system, a 6.5-inch high-performance midrange system and a tweeter array with three vertically arranged 1-inch tweeter units. The coaxial arrangement of the loudspeaker systems ensures a highly natural and homogenous punctiform image of the sound source. The radiation characteristics of the RL 801K have been optimised for listening distances between three and six metres, allowing excellent depth arrangement and coloration neutrality. Even at high reproducing levels, the loudspeaker renders an excellent performance with extraordinarily low non-linear distortions. MEG's reliable K Technology (cardioid radiation characteristics in the bass range) minimises rearward-directed room reflections, making it easy to position the RL 801K in the listening room.

The three-channel power amplifier that features one 1000 W and two 500 W PWM amplifier modules and an electronic crossover is integrated into the rear wall of the cabinet and can be swung out for service purposes. An intermittent LED signalises overmodulation. If the maximum level is exceeded, the output level will be attenuated by 20 dB in order to protect the components from overload. For adaptation of the frequency response to the acoustic conditions of reproduction room and loudspeaker set-up position, low-frequency room compensation can be achieved within two variably adjustable frequency bands.

A variety of special stands and racks are available as accessories; according fixing elements are integrated into the loudspeaker cabinet.


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