ME Geithain RL 944K


ME Geithain RL 944K

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RL 944K

The RL 944K is a specialist for small rooms and short listening distances. So it is designed for both the professional user in the outside broadcasting van, small audio, video and film studios and for the discerning music enthusiast, who is not willing to make a compromise in a small living room. 

By the cardioid radiation characteristics within the frequency range from 35 through 250 Hz the reflections on the back walls behind the speaker can be minimised. In addition the transfer characteristic can be matched to the acoustical conditions of the reproduction room as well as to the set-up situation by an integrated room matching filter.

The total directivity index of the monitor was optimised for listening distances between 1 and 2.60 m (3.3 and 8.6 ft). As the bass system a very linear 200 mm (8’’) long throw driver in a cardioid cabinet is employed, delivering excellent impulse fidelity. Due to the special construction a low frequency reproduction is possible that is not expected from such a small cabinet. Therefore the RL944K is a real full-range speaker and in an outside broadcasting van an additional subwoofer can be spared. The 100 mm (4’’) cone is mounted together with the 19 mm (3/4’’) dome tweeter coaxially in front of the bass system allowing a precise steering of the focal perspective. As a result a realistic and steady spatial performance of the sound image around the listening position is achieved, with high homogeneity and smallest possible colouration. By the great consequent optimisation for short listening distances the RL944K allows realistic depth arrangement even in outside broadcasting vans and facilitates correct miking. Therefore the RL944K is a precision studio tool allowing fatigue free working for hours.

The three-channel MOSFET power amplifier with electronic crossover is integrated within the back wall of the cabinet and is hinged for service purposes. An intermittent LED lighting signals when the overload limit is reached. After crossing of the maximum level the output level will be reduced by 20 dB to avoid any overloading of the components.

The RL944K1 is a more compact cabinet variant of the RL944K, that is employed when not enough room is available. Be it a video wall or an outside broadcasting van. As an alternative to the standardly provided MOSFET amplifier in an upright standing enclosure the 19’’ compatible Class D amplifier RL-Amplifier is also available.

A variety of special stands and racks is available as accessories. According fixing elements have been integrated into the loudspeaker cabinet.


Further information available at the manufacturer website or alternately give us a call or email to discuss your needs or organise an audition.

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