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About US

Sonic Purity is a retail and consulting business providing tailored service, bespoke boutique hi-fi systems, and pro audio monitoring solutions. We keenly recognise peoples changing need and expectations for their audio system, and happily provide a wide variety of high fidelity solutions for all types of circumstances. We specialise in the pinnacle of both analog and digital playback sources, cutting edge amplifier and loudspeaker design. Our products are carefully selected and are some of the finest you will find anywhere on the market, with technical innovation, quality and performance our focus, over excessively expensive brands. Our ability to assist, design and supply you with a cohesive end-to-end system, tailored to your exact needs and preferences is what we pride ourselves in.

We wholeheartedly believe audio and music is for everyone. Despite not everyone being consciously aware of their preference for high-fidelity, it is in-fact a natural human ability to sense far greater resolution from sound than from sight. Music and sound are one of the greatest gifts of human life. With the ability for song to be so powerful and compelling, emotive and thought provoking, or simply a transportive experience. Quality sound is often overlooked among the bombardment of content and environmental noise pollution in modern life. But, as many people are becoming aware of the need to slow down and appreciate the little things, we embrace interest in seeking out high fidelity sound to faithfully re-create music, with all of the raw emotion and ability of the artists, who pour so much of themselves into their art to create it. We believe in nurturing everyone's sense of taste in music, and helping more people discover the beauty of high-fidelity music. We acknowledge everyone has different needs, and aim to understand and assist in building the system that suits your lifestyle. A system that can evolve with you, as your musical and sonic journey progresses.

Rom Beyerle & Warwick Freemantle


Warwick Freemantle

Warwick Freemantle

As a Baby Boomer, I grew up with analogue. Whilst studying for my university exams in the early 70’s I would have records playing in the background on a Pioneer turntable. Getting up to change the record was a good way of refreshing my concentration.

In 1998 I was working on a turntable project and wanted a high quality cartridge. I had heard about the ZYX Company in Japan and contacted them to buy a cartridge since there was no distributor in Australia. To my surprise they asked me if I would like to represent them, and that was the birth of my audio importing business. Initially I sold ZYX cartridges to friends and acquaintances but soon it expanded to a wider market. People started asking me to recommend turntables, amplifiers and speakers, so I gradually acquired agencies for products that I personally liked. I figured that if nobody wanted to buy it from me then at least if I liked it and would be happy to keep it for myself.

I made it my goal to search the market for products that sound really excellent and outperform at their price points.

With almost 50 years of experience in audio I have fair bit of knowledge and am happy to share it with customers to save them the heartache of making a wrong decision.

Today I am involved in Pure Music Group and Sonic Purity full time and we have a warehouse and demonstration facility in Moorabbin, Victoria and dealers in various locations around Australia. What started out as a hobby has grown into a business that I still enjoy very much. I derive immense satisfaction from helping customers acquire a system that delivers genuine musical enjoyment and puts a smile on their faces.




Rom Beyerle

Being a Gen Y, I grew up with digital. A technology junky from a very early age, always obsessed with sound. Working my way through countless audio components as a youngster, and as a musician. My obsession with sound lead to recording, and for the next 10 years I learnt, worked and practiced the craft of audio engineering, production, sound design, mixing and mastering. The skills and understanding of recording and the many variables in the process has, with no doubt, better enabled me to see and understand both the professional and the audiophile viewpoints of sound reproduction. Leaving me very well equipped to pinpoint both customers needs and preferences, and identify weaknesses and recommend improvements for all hifi and professional monitoring systems big and small, at any budget.

I'm still very involved with digital optimisation and recording technology and keeping track of latest advancements in content, products and technology in digital. I am also fortunate enough to have had extensive exposure to high-end vinyl. Working with the calibre of products we stock on a daily basis has allowed my skills and appreciation of analogue to grow a huge amount in a couple of short years. I was an attendee at the first official Kuzma Analogue Academy for turntable setup and optimisations in Slovenia in early 2016, following which I also received first hand factory training with Analogue master craftspeople at Thales Tonarm in Swizerland, and completed a visit and analogue history, reproduction and product training with the president of the legendary analogue company EMT.

High-end hifi and sound remains my absolute passion and I love the opportunity to help people achieve it for themselves in their own home or the studio.