Sonic Purity High End Audio. Frequently Asked Questions and advice on purchasing the best audio system.


We are very often speaking with customers who, despite their best efforts, research and experimentation, have not been able to achieve that elusive level of sound quality they aspire to. Whilst an audiophile system may go through a natural evolution as your budgets allow upgrades or as our taste matures to truly appreciate the attributes of the best systems in the world. (insert multitude of cliché audiophile descriptive terms here). The inevitable variables involved with combining multiple components to achieve a cohesive end goal is somewhat of a mindfield. Too often we have customers coming to us after purchasing other components and wondering why they have not got the level of detail, resolution, transparency and musicality of our complete systems.

"I wish i had found you earlier" is commonly heard and we often find ourselves assisting people with trading in other equipment for moving towards a system tailored to their needs rather than boxes that have been sold to them with little knowledge or care taken with regards to system synergy or the customers ultimate goal. We are in the fortunate position to have hands on experience with many more high end products than most people and can wholeheartedly recommend our hand picked products and system suggestions as solutions that will truly work together effortlessly. Sound with stunning musical connection, dynamics and detail that most people are searching for in their favorite music. While taste in audio can certainly be subjective and there are many factors in system decisions, we aim to cater to all preferences whilst keeping the sound of the highest quality.

Below are links to some fundamental component selection advice for those beginning their journey to sonic enlightenment. We eat, sleep and breath high end audio, so alternately feel free to get in touch with us directly if you are needing advice.


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