Advice on selecting the best digital audio components. Digital conversion, DAC, ADC's and music servers.


How do I get the best digital sound?
This is a question that we have agonised over for many years and the answer is provided by the computer industry. Modern computers provide huge processing power and data storage at low cost. The cost of the hardware has been amortised over millions of machines and so the audio industry reaps the benefit. You can buy terabytes of storage at relatively low cost. A home computer when configured correctly can perform very well as a Music Server.

What type computer do I need?
A budding computer audiophile can spend endless hours searching for the best combination of equipment to optimise sound quality but it will also send you crazy making you wonder . If you want to save yourself the agony we recommend you buy an Antipodes Audio Music Server from Sonic Purity and stay relaxed. Mark Jenkins, the designer, has done all the hard work and you need not worry about the technical stuff. Just enjoy your music collection. These Integrated Music Servers store all your music and you have access via an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet. It outputs the digital signal via USB cable to your chosen DAC.

What DAC do I need?
You can use any high quality USB DAC and the sound quality will obviously depend on how good it is. Sonic Purity can supply DAC's from Playback Designs, EMM Labs, Meitner, Mola-Mola & ATC. If you have not gone totally to computer and still want to play SACD as well as regular CD's we have all in one players from Playback Designs, EMM Labs or ATC . These units also accept USB inputs from an external source such as a computer based Media Server. They will play all file resolutions including Hi Res PCM and DSD or DXD files.

What software do I need?
The Music Server is controlled via an iPad or like interface. The most popular interface at the moment is ROON, however you can also use interfaces like iPeng (for iPads) or OrangeSqueeze (for Androids).

How do I live happily ever after with digital?
Don't waste money on half baked solutions. You will only find yourself dissatisfied within a short period of time and wanting to upgrade very quickly. The money you have spent will be wasted. If you follow our advice and buy the right equipment it will not be surpassed any time soon. You will have a system comparable to what the mastering engineers are listening to when they are creating the digital music that we listen to. If you are achieving that kind of digital sound it is the best you can do.

Where can I get High Resolution Digital music?
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