Sonic Purity recommends the following to maintain your HiFi equipment in safe and good working order: 

  1. Place your equipment on a stable surface, such as an entertainment unit that is constructed specifically for audio equipment. This should include solid, heavy construction that has been levelled. Your Audio furniture should be capable of supporting the weight of your equipment. Avoid conditions where the equipment could be subjected to vibration, bumps or impacts, even if they are minor. Generally solid timbers, steel, marble are good materials for your entertainment unit. Flimsy particleboard or plastic is not recommended.

  2. Ensure adequate ventilation surrounding your equipment that generates heat. It is vital not to use amplifiers, particularly valve amplifiers, in a confined space where there is little air flow around them. Excess heat will shorten the life of your equipment considerably.

  3. All equipment must be kept away from moisture, corrosive liquids and flammable substances. If you live in the far northern states of Australia please consider a dehumidifier in your equipment room to avoid moisture.

  4. We love children, pets, clumsy friends....but not near your equipment. Have them keep a safe distance to avoid any accidental knocks or injuries.

  5. Once your equipment is connected to the power source it should not be moved until it is disconnected. Ensure you wait until the equipment cools down before moving it.

  6. Valve amplifiers should not be moved whilst the valves are still warm as it can damage the filaments.

  7. We strongly recommend that you resist disassembling the equipment purchased from Sonic Purity. We take your safety very seriously and ask that you contact us if you need any adjustments or want to check a part as you may be exposed to dangerous voltages even if it the equipment is switched off.

  8. We strongly recommend that you resist any attempt to alter any part of the equipment purchased from Sonic Purity. If your equipment is not doing the job you want it to please let us know and we will try to solve the problem without the need for altering your current equipment. A reminder here that any alteration of equipment will void your manufacturers warranty.

  9. Electrical safety is paramount when using your equipment, avoid disconnecting or reconnecting the equipment whilst the mains switch is on to reduce the risk of electrical shock.

  10. Avoid disconnecting or reconnecting input or output cables while the equipment is on.

  11. Ask us about suitable replacements if you find that a fuse has blown. Fuses replaced with generic alternatives may not be compatible and we recommend that it should be replaced with a fuse of the same type and value as originally supplied.

  12. If you are unsure about the correct method of use please ask us to help you - thats what we are here for after all!

Neither Sonic Purity nor its representatives accepts any liability whatsoever due to the operation of the equipment.