Phasemation PP-2000

Phasemation PP-2000 MC Phono Cartridge
Phasemation PP-2000 MC Phono Cartridge

Phasemation PP-2000


MC Phono Cartridge

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Cartridges were the starting point for Phasemation. Their continued research and development in cartridge design has now brought to life their new "Ultimate" cartridge the PP-2000. The improvements made during the design of the new flagship have successfully culminated in a cartridge with even more incredible stereo imaging and spacial reproduction. PP-2000 further refines the already incredible mid and high frequency energy and great bass extension which Phasemation are known for.


Main features

Newly Designed Magnetic Circuit

Phasemation decided to re-examine the magnetic circuits of PP-1000. Keeping permendur as the magnetic material, the shape of the yoke is completely redseigned.
The newly shaped design allows them to even further increase efficiency and uniformity of the magnetic field.
Increased output has been achieved without increasing the weight of the moving mass in the generator system.

New design of vibration system

The vibration system has been newly designed in order to pursue the best balance of the sound quality. Detail retrieval  and resolution is further improved by the carefully selected new damping material. The most noteable impact of the new dampening material is it's ability to reproduce even the most subtle atmospheric emotion in the music.

The highest quality materials for sound.

PP-2000 uses many of the materials used in the highly revered PP-1000.

  • Magneto coil
  • Pure iron coil bobbin, and
  • Wire damper made of 6N oxygen-free copper wire
  • Cantilever made of pure boron material

DLC(Diamond Like Carbon)is a generic name of carbon film produced with vapor phase synthesis utilising ion processing; DLC has a high rigidity and high electronic insulation similar to a diamond.



  • Power Generation Method: Moving Coil Type
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Applicable Stylus Force: 1.7 to 2.0g
  • Output Voltage: 0.29mV(horizontal direction of 1kHz 50mm/s)
  • Compliance: 8.0X10(e-6)cm/dyne
  • Frequency Range :10Hz to to 30kHz
  • Separation: 30dB or more (1kHz)
  • Channel Balance: Within 1dB (1kHz)
  • Range of Recommended Temperature: 20° to 26°
  • Mass: 14.3g
  • Stylus: Diamond line contact / curvature 0.03×0.003mm
  • Cantilever: Pure Boron φ0.26
  • Magnet: Samarium Cobalt Magnet 
  • Magnetic Circuit Composition Material: Permendur
  • Base: Stainless(Diamond Like Carbon processing)
  • Body: Duralumin(Diamond Like Carbon processing)
PP-2000 Awards


Download Phasemation PP-2000 Manual

Download Phasemation PP-2000 Manual



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