ZYX Ultimate Diamond

ZYX Ultimate Diamond MC Phono Cartridge
ZYX Ultimate Diamond MC Phono Cartridge
ZYX Ultimate Diamond MC Phono Cartridge
ZYX Ultimate Diamond MC Phono Cartridge
ZYX Ultimate Diamond MC Phono Cartridge
ZYX Ultimate Diamond MC Phono Cartridge

ZYX Ultimate Diamond

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Diamond Cantilever
The Ultimate DIAMOND utilizes a State-of-the-Art cantilever design using a square diamond rod (□0.22mm). This creates a cantilever of low mass, the highest rigidity and superior dampening that allows the DIAMOND to track and respond to the most dynamic passage with great accuracy and extremely low resonance. In addition, this light and rigid diamond cantilever provides the quickest sound transmission of any material, allowing the fastest time response of the magnetic circuit. 

Composite Carbon Terminal Board
This world-first hard terminal board has been employed as the terminal board to lock up output terminal pins and statically holds the unit against any sorts of extraneous vibrations.
And besides this terminal board can be grounded to the phono-stage amplifirer through the ground line of right channel output.
You must listen the purest sound by eliminated capacitance between 4 terminal pins.

Cartridge Case For REAL STEREO
The Non metallic body has two kinds of hard material to prevent external disturbances from influencing the generator system and also it prevents eddy currents inside the case from effecting the generator output signal and resonances occurring on the body surfaces. 

Super High speed reproduction engine
This circuit is specially designed to null magnetic resistance within the magnetic gap, and enables high speed power generation of signals over the entire bandwidth without time delay.  This circuit can also instantly and perfectly eliminate any remaining eddy currents.

Micro-Ridge Stylus
The stylus used in the Ultimate series has the edges of the diamond shank set parallel to the sides of the cantilever. Using this type of stylus, the hardest axis of the crystal is aligned to act as the contact point with the record groove. This gives stable and smooth tracing and produces a very refined sound, with the additional benefit of giving the stylus an extended life of approximately 2000 hours.
The stylus is of the Micro-ridge type, which was originally developed in Japan and offers the highest performance. The contact radius is always 3μm by the ridge made with 6μm thickness. 

Pure 6N OFC Crystal Copper Wire Generator Coils
This perfect crystal copper wire produced by special process, in order to achieve an even sound balance across the entire audible range.

Further information available at the manufacturer website or alternately give us a call or email to discuss your needs or organise an audition.

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