Thales Statement Tonearm

Copy of Thales Statement Gold
Copy of Thales Statement Base
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Copy of Thales Statement Gold
Copy of Thales Statement Base
Copy of Thales Statement Silver

Thales Statement Tonearm

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Thales Statement gold

After building the finest tonearms for ten years, Micha Huber contributes all his experience into a new piece of art:


Based on the famous correction mechanism for tangential pivoted tracking, the Statement Tonearm stands out with the following features:

Optimised mechanical energy-flow and new materials for more dynamic sound

  • Arm-tubes and head-shell made of special aluminium alloy with the strength of steel but 10 times higher internal damping

  • Arm-tubes curved for maximum rigidity

  • Bearing unit completely encapsulated to increase the mechanical rigidity up to 100x

  • Elliptical shaping of base parts to increase critical contact surfaces

  • Ruthnium coating on bearing- and base-parts to increase the damping properties

Optimised electrical shielding properties

  • New bearing technology to ensure low-impedance connection points from base to head

  • All arm-parts gold- (for gold version) or rhodium-coated (for silver version)


Precision fine adjustment mechanism

  • Fine adjustment device for VTA with 1/10mm scale


  • Fine adjustment device for Azimuth with 1/3° scale


  • Advanced clamping mechanism inside installation-ring to allow on-fly adjustment



Based on tetragon geometry, reducing the tracking error to a maximum of 0.006°, the THALES STATEMENT combines perfect tracking geometry with optimized mechanical energy derivation, being realized by consequent reflection on the materials used (high-strength aluminium alloy), and the design of all the parts placed in the energy flow. Thus, vibration resistance is increased many times over, and sound distortion due to parasitic remaining resonances is plainly reduced both measurably and audibly. The bearing unit is completely encapsulated, and all the coatings are done in precious metals (ruthenium, gold, rhodium) in order to harmonize the properties of sound.

Copy of Thales Statement Gold
Copy of Thales Statement Head

The THALES STATEMENT comes with an integrated mechanism and a scale for fine adjustment of VTA and azimuth, allowing precise angular alignment of the cartridge. The support of the tonearm lift, coupled directly with its lever, works by a high reduction ratio so that the needle may be lowered in a perfectly controlled manner.

Options for tonearm wiring are either an integrated 5-pin-DIN-connector or direct wiring to the amplifier. Five different counterweights allow the use of cartridges weighing 7 to 20 grams.

The appropriate realization of this technical masterpiece demands the best of Swiss craftsmanship: Its 288 separate parts are made by a handful of exquisite local manufacturers. Each part is examined closely at their atelier in Winterthur before they are refined and finally assembled piece by piece by hand. An experienced watchmaker with comprehensive skills is responsible for the entire process from start to finish. This traditional working method is directly related to personal demands of quality, and, as a consequence, the number of tonearms leaving Thales company every year is clearly limited.


Mounting Distance: 230mm

Tracking Error: 0,006°

Effective Length: 229mm

Effective Mass: 24g

Offset Angle: 8…19°

Cartridge Weight: 7-20g

Further information available at the manufacturer website or alternately give us a call or email to discuss your needs or organise an audition.

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