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TechDAS Air Force Three Premium

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TechDAS Air Force THREE Premium Turntable - The Best Compact Turntable in the World?

The TechDAS team proudly present Air Force III Premium edition. Building on the success of the original Air Force III, TechDAS have pushed the boundaries of what is possible again with this latest variant. It incorporates additional materials and design features that collectively make a a far from subtle difference.

Many months in development and testing in the TechDAS laborotaries, we feel the Air Force III Premium once again sets the standard for vinyl replay at it’s respective price point and well beyond.

The new premium model comprises improvements that result in further refining the sound, based on the compact Air Force III

Building on the success of a hugely popular model – the Air Force III, a turntable which has a compact sized chassis yet delivers very high performance and flexibility of installation. The new Air Force III Premium has integrated further new concepts for an even higher quality while retaining the same compact size.

The Air Force III Premium consists of two units: the Main Unit (including outboard motor) and the Pump / Power Supply / Air Condenser Unit.
— Hideaki Nishikawa - DESIGNER
TechDAS Air Force III Premium High End Turntable with High Mass Gunmetal Platter

TechDAS Air Force Three Premium Turntable digital front control panel and high mass gunmetal platter
TechDAS Air Force Three Premium Motor Drive Unit

The design concept behind the Airforce III Premium

The weight and sound of an analog turntable have a strong correlation. In order to make a heavier turntable while keeping the chassis size to the original Air Force III, the team chose gunmetal for the platter of this model. This material is an alloy of copper and tin and was often used for audio equipment in the heyday of analog audio.

The platter for the Air Force III Premium is precision cast and surface polished with a solid structure, unlike most conventional gunmetal platters that have a hollow construction. This results is a heavy platter of 29 kg, more than three times heavier than the aluminum platter used in the original III which weighs in at 9 kg. With this new gunmetal platter, the total weight of the main unit is more than 50 kg.

As a result of the increase in total weight, an extended frequency range is delivered and dynamics are noticeably enhanced. At the same time it has achieved a significantly lower noise floor thanks to the use of our air bearing. Furthermore, as gunmetal is relatively a soft and tensile metal, you will notice that a subtle glow is added to the sound.

The chassis is made of solid aluminium just like the original model. The black anodised and highly polished surface contrasts very nicely with the gold coloured gunmetal platter.


The main frame where the platter is mounted has a minimum size and is made of solid aluminium by precision cutting, just like with the Air Force One. Up to 4 tonearms, ranging from short (9”) to long (12”) tonearms can be fitted to the frame.


Through a calibrated microcomputer adjustment circuit combined with a heavyweight platter, the turntable achieves a very high rotation accuracy beyond the boundaries of conventional belt-driven products and equivalent to that of a direct drive (DD) motor.


TechDAS Air Force THREE Premium Motor Assembly

Air control technologies

Instead of having built-in insulators, the turntable sits on four feet using a pin point support method with a sufficient howling margin within an appropriate installation environment.

For an environment that needs a larger howling margin, an insulation table based on air insulation technology will be available.

Above all, the Air Force III has the core air control technologies of the Air Force One, which is the air bearing that enables the platter to float at 30µm above the base, and also has a vacuum hold down for securing the disc.


TechDAS Air Force THREE Premium Chassis

Major features of the Air Force III

Up to 4 short (9″) to long (12″) tonearms can be mounted, made possible by the compact size of the main frame.
Designed to offer flexibility for system upgrades with various accessories, different platter options and an exclusive insulation table to be released shortly.
A ripple free and low vibration silent air pump which has been developed from Air Force one.
Stable and accurate rotation speeds of 33 1/3 and 45 rpm can be achieved free from secular changes or temperature affects by a low rotation motor, where speed is controlled by a high precision oscillation circuit often seen in mobile phones.
Pitch control of ± 0.1 rpm is available for those who have a need for absolute pitch.

Fulfils the reproduction of music with a silent background, achieved by thoroughly eliminating unwanted vibration.

Core air control technologies transmitted from the Air Force One:
● Air bearing that lifts up the platter to 30μm
● Vacuum hold-down of the disk
● Decoupling of the disc with air injection

Sits on four height-adjustable feet employing pin point support and lowering the center of gravity.
A high mass main frame that weighs 21kg despite of its small size and made of solid precision cut aluminium.
A high mass platter that weighs 29kg and is also made of solid precision cut gunmetal material.

TechDAS Air Force Three Premium Air Pump and PSU

Further information available at the manufacturer website or alternately give us a call or email to discuss your needs or organise an audition.

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