Discreet FPGA - A Better DAC alternative by Rom Beyerle

While the world catches back on to the fantastic sound of the vinyl record, digital is certainly not standing still either. The discreet FPGA Digital to Analogue conversion implemented in the EMM Labs and Playback Designs products leaves most other D/A conversion in their wake. The ability for these DAC's to be firmware upgradable when the manufacturer makes advancements with their algorithms is like getting a new product allover again, extending the product life far beyond that of the almost annual hardware updates from many other manufacturers. The pictured EMM Labs DA2 released recently, is the absolute state of the art new converter from veteran electronics, digital and DSD guru Ed Meitner and team at EMM Labs/Meitner Designs. As awareness grows around the benefit to sound quality when not restrained to the confines of CD quality sample rate and bit depth, Hi-resolution downloads are becoming more and more common. The DA2 will take absolutely any file format you can throw at it and with further advancements to their long used trademark DSD up-sampling regime, the DA2 now up-samples all signals to an extraordinary DSD1024 (16xDSD @ 45Mhz/49Mhz). Sound is carefully tuned with Meitners trademark audiophile analogue output stages and the digital interfaces are extremely advanced to reduce any jitter or other interference from noisy digital signals, without the need for ancillary boxes like re-clockers, isolators etc. Meitner have thought of everything, and it's all in this turnkey box, taking the confusion and complication out of computer audio. With products like this and our others from MolaMola, Playback Designs & T+A, Digital Audio has most certainly come of age.