*MUNICH NEWS* Kuzma Car-60 Cartridge by Rom Beyerle

Kuzma CAR-60

Alongside the new 4 Point 9 Inch, Kuzma Analogue have also announced a new flagship Moving Coil Cartridge to their comprehensive cartridge lineup. The CAR-60 features a full Diamond Cantilever, Micro-ridge Stylus and Silver wound coil.

Car-60 arrives following the newly released Car-20H, a high output version of the entry level Car-20. Featuring a 2mV output.

CAR-60 Product Page

CAR-20H Product Page

*MUNICH NEWS* EMT JSD VM (Varia Mass) Cartridge by Rom Beyerle


EMT continue to refine and fill out their renowned cartridge range, this time adding another amazing cartridge to the top of their HiFi line. The JSD VM will sit alongside the JSD P6.0 (Platinum), and JSD S75 (Lady in Black) as EMT's premium offerings. The JSD VM (Varia Mass) is an interesting concept, as it allows the user to adjust the cartridge mass to best suit the tonearm; by way of inserting various weights into the cartridge body. The user can easily adjust the Cartridge mass from 10g to 13g.