*MUNICH NEWS* Slim V2 - Thales Tonarm Introduces the TTT-Slim II by Rom Beyerle

Another huge weekend for the audio world at Munich High End trade show 2017 has come to a close. We are busily updating our website to reflect the many new additions to product lines, and excitedly fielding enquiries from those already in the know.

Thales Tonarm's innovative minimalist battery powered turntable designs have been a favourite of ours for quite some time. The updated TTT-Compact II released last year was widely applauded for its next level performance, in our demonstration system at the Melbourne International HiFi Show 2016. Together with their highly popular Tonearms "Simplicity" and "Easy", Thales turntables have found homes with many Australian music lovers, who appreciate the very dynamic, detailed performance and minimal design. By compressing every element of the turntable construction, Thales are able to create extraordinary mechanical stability, unobtainable by many larger more elaborate designs; all within a compact footprint.

This year Thales have shown their brand new TTT-Slim II Turntable. The smaller sibling to the TTT-Compact II has received a comprehensive facelift and is stunning in both visual appeal, performance and ergonomics. New transport spacers, high density platter inlay and updated motor decoupling dampening system are just a few of the latest improvements over the original TTT-Slim.

Updated TTT-S II Product Page, and downloads HERE