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Since 1970 products manufactured in Japan under the brand PhaseTech have been extremely sought after by Japanese audiophiles. In 2010 the company changed its name to Phasemation and began offering its products to the world-wide market. We first became aware of the Phasemation brand when we imported the TechDAS AirForce One turntable and received Japanese language magazines that featured reviews of the TechDAS turntables. We noted that many of the reviewers were using Phasemation cartridges, not only on TechDAS turntables but other turntables as well. Since reviewers were embracing the Phasemation brand we figured that we ought to take a listen so to start with we ordered samples of the PP-300 and PP-1000 models.


When we first listened to them we were struck by how musical they are and how the music flows from one note to the next in a very fluid transition. This musicality was reinforced by a calmness and intelligibility that is rarely heard. Some described it as being very “comfortable” in the groove, never sounding stressed or out of control. This makes the musical message easy to understand without your brain having to work hard.

System Matching:

The outputs of the cartridges are generally around 0.3mV and so they mate well with any good quality MC Phono Preamplifier. The recommended loading for the cartridges is 100 ohms but you can vary this a little to suit individual systems or taste without any problems.

The prices of the Phasemation cartridges are very reasonable, considering the sound quality on offer.


All Phasemation cartridges feature:

·       Pure iron coil Bobbins

·       Wire dampers made from 6N oxygen-free copper

·       Cantilevers made from Boron

·       Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) vapour deposited on the cartridge bodies to make them more rigid, suppress resonances and insulate from electronic noise

More recently we have had many customers adopting the recent models both PP-500 and PP-2000 and these take the sound quality up to another level, improved spacial resolution and more detailed sense of ambience of the acoustic space of the recording space along with greater dynamics and resolution.


The main new features of Phasemation PP-500 & PP-2000  Cartridges are:

·       New yoke shape that increases the efficiency and uniformity of the magnetic field

·       New damping materials that optimise the vibration system to retrieve the most minute of sounds


Phasemation is definitely a brand worth checking out if you are considering a new phono cartridge. They have won many awards in Japan and other countries and we are seeing more customers embracing the rich, musical sound of these cartridges in their systems locally.

We are always happy to discuss or demonstrate the cartridges to help you find exactly the right match for your system, budget or preferences. Feel free to give us a call or email to discuss or organise a time to come and listen.

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