Kii Three Active Loudspeakers - Lifestyle hifi with professional performance. by Rom Beyerle

We are super passionate about each and every one of our hand picked line of products, all of which have cutting edge design and technology involved, with performance as their ultimate goal. This particular musical marvel has it in spades. The Kii Three is an extremely advanced active loudspeaker, designed with premium components and construction, with the added advantage of sophisticated on board digital signal processing(DSP). What does that mean? By implementing speakers, amplifiers, crossovers, digital signal processing and digital to analogue conversion onboard, the designer is in total control of each element to create a perfect harmonious interplay. This is truly an all-in-one system, but lightyears ahead in sound quality than the current crop of "lifestyle" active systems.

The Kii receives digital or analogue input, and using its six drivers per speaker and in-house DSP, cleverly creates a cardioid, controlled directivity bass response, helping enormously in eliminating common room acoustic issues. Cardioid bass means you can place speakers in corners or up against walls with no sonic degradation - and lets face it, many of us need to maximise all the space we have, or simply wish good sound could fit in our homes with less impact to our interiors.

Do not be deceived, this small speaker, while removing the clutter of other components, has a full range, extremely flat frequency response like a floor standing speaker. Ultra low distortion specs and fantastic impulse response, means professional mix and mastering engineers are also clambering over themselves to get a pair. And for us mere mortals that means - kickass full range sound, in a compact package, on a stand where the robot vac can't get at it.

We could continue on about the components, technology and pedigree of this new product all evening, but there is already ample detailed technical information online. For those eager or willing to break the confines of a traditional hifi setup, with all the benefits it brings, it's an exciting time.

Kii Three is also available with a rugged professional finish for studio use, or any choice of RAL or custom automotive colours.