Brawny, Unique & Stunning. ME Geithain 901K and associates. ACTIVE STANDMOUNT SPEAKERS and Studio monitors. by Rom Beyerle

ME Geithain RL901K

Once in a while we all come across a product or brand that has been hidden in plain sight for so long you wonder how you have never come across it. ME Geithain company has been excelling in audio electronics design and manufacture in Geithain, Germany since 1972. Since the early 80s primarily developing and building high class loudspeakers, studio and broadcast monitors. Firm favourites of ours and the choice of many high end listening rooms, studios and broadcast facilities the world over, including the BBC themselves. ME Geithain's ability to do their R&D, component manufacture and loudspeaker construction all on site means their processes, quality control and ability to fine tune each and every model that rolls of the production floor is not only streamlined, but exceptionally well finished and exudes the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

Not so well known on Australian shores, this unique and truly high end brand has models suiting modest budgets and space restraints, right through to full range, high SPL floor-standing hifi speakers or top end mastering studio main monitors. ME Geithain has finely tuned each model for it's specific duties hence the vast array of options within their range. We have been lucky enough to both visit their factory ourselves to see and hear in detail the virutes of the range and have supplied numerous pairs here to Australian customers with varying uses from compact bookshelf systems, large audiophile setups, nearfield and midfield studio monitoring and main studio monitors.

As active speakers begin to see some of the mainstream hi-fi recognition they have long deserved, we encourage customers to make themselves acquainted with ME Geithain as a premium and extremely versatile range of products all having an uncanny knack of sounding extremely neutral and controlled yet expressive and ultimately true to the music.

Harbeth Alternative?

Move over generic "retro" BBC monitor designs (yes, this monitor is looking directly at you Harbeth, Spendor, Falcon etc). ME Geithain's outstanding 901K is a big bang in a relatively compact package loudspeaker which has been overlooked far too long. Via the 16 inch Woofer with concentric, open baffle mounted 5" Midrange and 1" tweeter you are greeted with familiar, open, lifelike neutrality of similarly competing products but with increased transparency and reduced cabinet colourations of open baffle mounting. The coaxial, quasi single point source driver arrangement means imaging, sound staging and time alignment are ultra accurate and incredibly hard to beat. The fact that housed within each compact cabinet lies three amplifiers, perfectly mated to each driver means that amp matching and dynamics reducing passive crossovers are avoided in a win win for synergy and sound quality. With punch and headroom on tap, the fully active system makes the package a value proposition well worth doing your sum's on... 


If you are looking for more reason beyond the stunningly crafted cabinets and premium timber finishes, perfectly matched driver and amplifier selection and terrifically natural musical sound, then please stay seated for the encore.... 


Employed in the sophisticated cabinet design is an advanced porting mechanism enabling a Cardioid (directional) bass response.

Cardioid Dispersion Animation By AtomicShoelace - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Cardioid Dispersion Animation By AtomicShoelace - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

ME Geithain's own Radiation Pattern Measurments


What "K" (from the German translation for Cardioid) means is, as opposed to all other conventional speaker designs, the ME Geithain "K" model speakers are able to project bass (30-250Hz) directionally and predominantly forwards and greatly attenuated transmission to the rear. This is of huge advantage in both acoustically treated or untreated listening spaces. Placing these cardioid bass speakers near corners or the rear wall does not excite room modes to anywhere near the extent of other speakers, nor are the rear wall reflections impacting what is heard in the listening position. In short, cleaner more balanced bass spectrum which in turn cleans up the entire soundstage to reveal more of what we are listening for, the music!

Not your regular rectangular box. All Active, Coaxial 3way. With Cardioid Dispersion the 16inch Woofer packs a serious punch.

The Best Speaker for Music Lovers?

More and more often we are approached by discerning music lovers looking for a truly amazing sounding speaker. They seek a product that punches well above its weight both sonically and in it's design and construction, something timeless but uncomplicated or too flashy. We have long been big fans of active speakers for all the benefits of perfectly matched driver/amplifier combinations along with the ease of install, transport and clean, compact appearance.

The Musikelectornic Geithain RL 901K brings all this in a high performance active speaker with a build quality that truly sits at home next to the finest of furniture and fittings. ME Geithain is a hugely respected manufacturer in Europe and Worldwide, their designs are references in many top end Mix and Mastering studios alongside some very high profile audiophiles and equipment designers, not to mention many many music lovers. For a hand crafted product, each component painstakingly designed and manufactured on site in Germany, we believe ME Geithain represent great value for money for the level of quality, performance and enjoyment they provide.

At home in the Studio!?

ME Geithain are true to the music, perfect for any listener most certainly including studios, and audio engineers in the market for one of the finest monitoring system available. ME Geithain are a very popular high end mix, mastering monitor around the world, for good reason. 

Studio Monitors are part of the production business and must provide a return on investment. Running and fitting out a high end studio is expensive. Yet in the eyes of smart professional mix and mastering engineers, following ears and room acoustics, the most important piece of equipment in the studio is the speakers. Brands like ATC, PMC, Genelec and more recently Amphion have been lorded at various times and certainly steal the limelight in Australian professional circles. Many of these alternates were tested recently in length by a studio owner in his own room over the course of a couple of years, after which he specced not one, but two pairs of Geithain as his Main and Near-field monitoring speakers. The forum thread where he shares his experiance is visible here. Great excerpts and findings of this extensive experiment have been kindly put together by the UK Distributers for ME Geithain,  Sound-Link here

ME Geithain RL901K Studio Monitors
ME Geithain Active Studio Monitors

Bold and natural, wherever you put them

If you are looking for big, punchy yet open sound, linear response and ease of room integration, a pair of MEG should most certainly be on your bucket list. Aside from the 901K there are a variety of models bigger or smaller with frighteningly similar sonic presentation but simply tuned for differing bass extention and varying listening distance. We can guide you with the best matched selection for your room size and budget.

Below is a terrific video from UK distributer for Geithain, Sound-Link which describes the use of cardioid bass characteristics and features many of the ME Geithain models. Well worth a watch.

X Factor - Stylish High End Speakers

Did I mention that everyone, without exceptions, stop in their tracks and routinely say "WOW, WHAT. IS. THAT???". Yep, MEG have the X-factor. We appreciate the look and vibe of the retro revival, even in speakers, what's old is new again. But when advanced speaker design can look and sound like this, remind us again why people pining over incrementally improved vintage designs? We strongly recommend giving MEG an audition should you be looking for something different and in our opinion, better than the bigger brands at significantly lower cost.

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Kii Three Active Loudspeakers - Lifestyle hifi with professional performance. by Rom Beyerle

We are super passionate about each and every one of our hand picked line of products, all of which have cutting edge design and technology involved, with performance as their ultimate goal. This particular musical marvel has it in spades. The Kii Three is an extremely advanced active loudspeaker, designed with premium components and construction, with the added advantage of sophisticated on board digital signal processing(DSP). What does that mean? By implementing speakers, amplifiers, crossovers, digital signal processing and digital to analogue conversion onboard, the designer is in total control of each element to create a perfect harmonious interplay. This is truly an all-in-one system, but lightyears ahead in sound quality than the current crop of "lifestyle" active systems.

The Kii receives digital or analogue input, and using its six drivers per speaker and in-house DSP, cleverly creates a cardioid, controlled directivity bass response, helping enormously in eliminating common room acoustic issues. Cardioid bass means you can place speakers in corners or up against walls with no sonic degradation - and lets face it, many of us need to maximise all the space we have, or simply wish good sound could fit in our homes with less impact to our interiors.

Do not be deceived, this small speaker, while removing the clutter of other components, has a full range, extremely flat frequency response like a floor standing speaker. Ultra low distortion specs and fantastic impulse response, means professional mix and mastering engineers are also clambering over themselves to get a pair. And for us mere mortals that means - kickass full range sound, in a compact package, on a stand where the robot vac can't get at it.

We could continue on about the components, technology and pedigree of this new product all evening, but there is already ample detailed technical information online. For those eager or willing to break the confines of a traditional hifi setup, with all the benefits it brings, it's an exciting time.

Kii Three is also available with a rugged professional finish for studio use, or any choice of RAL or custom automotive colours.

musikelectronic geithain RL906 - Powered monitors for the masses by Rom Beyerle


A pair of our baby ME Geithain RL906 is the perfect place to start looking for a compact yet supremely natural and open sound. Powered with one class A/B amplifier per driver(two per speaker) built into the refined German handmade cabinetry, allows excellent matching of the amplifier to the driver.
A quality powered speaker gives you freedom from a jungle of cables from separate amplifiers. Just connect your source of choice and away you go. Making it considerably easier to achieve a clean, compact look without sacrificing a bit on sound (many would argue it is superior).
Smaller speakers usually suffer from lack of headroom as the volume increases, or a skewed or hyped frequency response, but MEG coming from a professional audio pedigree ensure the utmost transparency and balanced, honest sound, reproducing every nuance of the recording. These powered speakers punch far above their size and are loved by both pro's and consumers who need a compact solution that is flexible with room positioning and taste(RL906 has a variety of onboard adjustments for fine tuning & room placement). With the option to be further complimented by one of their brilliant matched subwoofers if additional bass extension is preferred. 
Available in a wide range of finishes, MEG powered speakers are also capable of in-wall install for those chasing a seamless look without compromising on sound.