musikelectronic geithain

musikelectronic geithain RL906 - Powered monitors for the masses by Rom Beyerle


A pair of our baby ME Geithain RL906 is the perfect place to start looking for a compact yet supremely natural and open sound. Powered with one class A/B amplifier per driver(two per speaker) built into the refined German handmade cabinetry, allows excellent matching of the amplifier to the driver.
A quality powered speaker gives you freedom from a jungle of cables from separate amplifiers. Just connect your source of choice and away you go. Making it considerably easier to achieve a clean, compact look without sacrificing a bit on sound (many would argue it is superior).
Smaller speakers usually suffer from lack of headroom as the volume increases, or a skewed or hyped frequency response, but MEG coming from a professional audio pedigree ensure the utmost transparency and balanced, honest sound, reproducing every nuance of the recording. These powered speakers punch far above their size and are loved by both pro's and consumers who need a compact solution that is flexible with room positioning and taste(RL906 has a variety of onboard adjustments for fine tuning & room placement). With the option to be further complimented by one of their brilliant matched subwoofers if additional bass extension is preferred. 
Available in a wide range of finishes, MEG powered speakers are also capable of in-wall install for those chasing a seamless look without compromising on sound.